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MacBook comes out [May. 16th, 2006|08:01 pm]
The Cult Of Mac


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So I'm a bad person. Not updating this in about 13 days. Sorry about that! :-(

Anyways, as some may know, the new MacBook has finally come out! It features the iSight camera, Front Row, the Magsafe Power Adapter, 13" widescreen LCDs, a new keyboard configuration, and comes in white and black. Techniclly speaking, they have at least 1.83GHz Intel Core Duos, 512MB of RAM and 60Gigs on the HD. The whole package is just a little thicker than the MacBook Pro, by 0.03 inches.

Also being trumpted on Apple's main page, is that rhe Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York will open May 19th at 6pm. All you'll see of this location is a single black box. The store is actually located underneath the streets of New York and is going to be the first 24-hour location. I can imagine that something big will be given away at this event, and it is speculated that Steve Jobs might even make an appearance.

Today's Widget is especially for those that have a facebook account. This widget allows you instant access to your profile to view new messages, and if you have recieved any new pokes. It does not mention if new friend's photos are shown, or if wall messages are dispalyed.